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Originally Posted by rog1121 View Post
Hey everyone first time posting here.

I've been MMA for about 5 months now at LABoxing and i love it.

The thing is on eery Friday FIght Night I get paired up with this guy bigger than me. Were both 15 but I weigh 100 and he weighs 160. Not only that but Arms and Legs are much Longer than mine, I cant get inside this guy and would really like your help. Body SHots are (sometimes) successful is he isn't going to knee or kick my face.

So any ideas?
when i fight someone bigger i have to find a way inside or to get the guy to the ground. the best thing to think about right now is range. it would help allot if i could draw a picture for you but i will try to explain the best i can. try and think of there being a circle around him where his reach ends and another around him marking where you are able to reach him. in between those two circles is the danger zone where he . you want to be inside the inner one or completely out side. The absolute best thing to do against a bigger guy is get in and use the dirty boxing clinch or change levels and get his legs.

if you find it hard to get inside because he backs up when you advance i found a good trick is to coax him in to chasing you and then while he moves forward you move inside and under his reach.

hope hat helps

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