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Focused Stats for this week


I did 400 side bends 200 per side

800 side bends 400 per side.

I started doing 260 pound pushups 100 pounds over body-weight, I am only doing 5/day
100 pound stair climbs 5 sets of 20 steps
set of 5 curls & overhead press @ 30 pounds for 10 sets


1600 side bends 800 per side
another 5 260 pound pushups
6 stair-climbs
12 curl & overhead press sets
5 sets of 30 sit-ups weighted (30-pounds) 5 pushups pushing the dumbbell away @90-degrees, 5 vertically and 5 regular repeated till 30 and rested.


Today (Thursday):

1,600 bends again 800 per side
6 pushups
14 sets of the curl & overhead press
5 sets of the weighted sit-up circuit
a 24-minute 100 pound two mile walk

My goal is to gain cardio like a monster so I can hold my own against a few sparring partners at the end of the month.

I may end up tossing in my 2 15-pound plates into the pack for a 130-pound stair-climb and walk.

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