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Originally Posted by loret.o View Post
Hi, my name is Loreto, i'm from Chile (i speak spanish so i apologize for my ortography faults :P)

well, i'm 20 and i want to begin to learn Muay Thai (there is a gym a few blocks from my house)
but i'm a bit concerned because:

1- i'm not in the best shape
2- i know that is a though sport but i don't wanna be massacrated lol

so i wanted to ask for your opinions ... i'm really insterest in muay thai, basically because i want to improve my fitness level,learn how to defend myself and it looks really fun too, but i don't know... do guys have any problem with train with girls? its better to begin with some other sport for a few weeks and then go with muay thai?

Thxs for your help =)
Dive on in. We have all been where you are now. You'll get in shape as you train. The important things are to do your best, be consistent, and don't quit.

In terms of training with women, see the paragraph above. You won't be taken seriously as a training partner if you're viewed as just "looking for a date". Show up, work hard and it will all be good.

Good Luck
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