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Kajan got a new opponent for his next fight. A Braziian guy. Should be a great fight Some local coverage

BJJ with Bruno. Warmup stuff, technique was a neat choke from side control. Cross face pressure to make them want to bring the far arm up to frame off your face, shoot your bottom arm under and feed it around their neck, clamping both their arms around their head pointing towards you. Go back to that crossface, make a gable grip, put your weight into it and squeeze. Can also bring your leg nearest their head up, then your knee nearest their body under their arm for an armbar. Can also step across for a more stable armbar.

In rolling I was dominant all around but didn't face too steep competition. Had two good rounds with a blue belt and kept dominant positions and caught an armbar. Had a heated roll with a big wrestler white belt, got a triangle and an armbar. A couple other non competitive rolls too. God I'm sore, thankfully I get some rest now.
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