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K-1 Korean WGP Final 16 Golden Glory Rush

K-1 Korean WGP Final 16 Golden Glory Rush

Seoul, Korea October 2nd 2010-10-03

Golden Glory has been the most dominant team in the fighting industry for over one decade.
On the 14th of September 10 heavyweights traveled to Thailand to prepare at the new Pattaya Thailand Golden Glory gym for the upcoming World K-1 GP final 16 in Seoul, Korea.
Two weeks of crazy hard training schedules were produced by head trainer Cor “Obi1” Hemmers. On the 29th of September five heavyweights from Pattaya traveled to Korea and Semmy came to Korea from Holland.

After a two year absence, Chalid Arrab made his comeback into the ring. His fight was the first G.G fight but unfortunately it did not bring the result we hoped for. The first round was a good round for Chalid, but a knee injury made the second round go to his opponent. In round three, trainer Cor Hemmers had to throw the towel. The first G.G fight of the night turns out to be disappointing, but the night was far from over.

The second fight of the night is Sergey Kharitonov fighting the Japanese Heavyweight Takumi Sato. Kharitonov who came from a loss in his first K-1 fight against Daniel Ghita showed that he learned to block low kicks after his last fight.
Kharitonov blocked the low kicks from Sato in the beginning of the fight and countered with some vicious punching combination ending some of those combo’s with a low kick.
It was clear that Kharitonov is a quick learner as the Japanese fighter gets two 8 counts within the first two minutes of the fight, the fight is finished with a hard right hook by Kharitonov.
Winner by KO in round 1 Sergey Kharitonov
With this victory we could see him return on December 11th in a reserve fight, Le Banner, Teixera or Puturak would be an awesome opponents!!

Golden Glory Saki time
Saki had a great year, the first two wins were produced by Saki in January and February 2010. Then Saki fought Jaideep in April in K-1 and showed a fantastic fight and won by decision. Next on the list was Melvin Manhoef, this fight took place in the Amsterdam Arena and Saki knocked out Melvin in front of twenty thousand fans.
Saki’s spot in the final 16 was well deserved!! Saki showed on October 2nd in his fight against Freddy Kemayo. It was an epic performance. Kemayo is not a bad fighter, but Saki made it look so easy, throwing four five punching combo’s finishing with vicious low kicks, In his signature lightening speed. Kemayo was surgically taken apart, without any chance of even landing anything himself. Two knock downs followed by a third, made Golden Glory fighter Saki have the fastest and most impressive KO victory of the night.

Just when you think the tone is set another disappointment comes by Errol Zimmerman. After the first round Errol opens the second round with a flying knee attack which is countered by Ghita with a right punch which rocks Errol. Ghita follows with a punching combination and wins the fight by KO early in round two.
This loss comes as a huge set back in the young career of Errol who will miss a spot in the final 8 fighters on December 11th in Japan.

Next, Golden Glory fighter Semmy Schilt is the undefeated 4 time K-1 WGP champ and fights another up coming talented heavyweight fighter Hesdy Gerges. Hesdy won one of his last fight in 2010 through disqualification from Badr Hari in 2010 and Schilt was warned.
The first round is for Semmy Schilt who sustains a nasty cut on his shin at the end of the first round (which later results in 4 stitches). The second round is also for Schilt, but his performance is not the same as his KO victories in the last year K-1 GP.
Some injuries prevent Semmy from business as usual and Hesdy makes his comeback in round three. Schilt counters well and shows good defence in blocking Hesdy’s low kicks and punches.
Schilt wins a spot by the final eight on December 11th in Japan by decision and could write history by winning 5 K-1 GPS, something that never happened before. More news on Semmy Schilt can be found at

Another Golden Glory fighter who is unstoppable is Alistair Overeem, with KO wins over Puturak and Brett Rogers both fights won in the first round, Overeem is now facing hard hitting Australian fighter Ben Edwards. In the last 16!!
Ben Edwards won the Oceania K-1 GP in a record (all by KO in round 1) and Alistair was warned.
Overeem started this fight with a very closed defence, Edwards swinging wildly with some hooks missing their purpose. Then the Reem produced a huge hard right punch and Edwards gets an eight count, not much later the same punch with perfect timing makes Edwards take his second eight count.
Alistair finishing the fight with a hard right hook!!!! Golden Glory fighter Alistair Overeem also deserves a spot in the final 8 K-1 GP on December 11th Alistair Overeem then takes the microphone and dedicates his victory to friend, Chief Navy Seal Adam Brown who was killed in action in Afghanistan.
More news on the preparation for this fight from the Reem and background information you can find at

I would like to congratulate all the Golden Glory fighters and trainers. You all worked hard

Three Golden Glory fighters at the last eight becomes a trade mark of Golden Glory, with that result Golden Glory proves to be the best fighting team in the world. With Golden Glory gyms in Holland, Romania, and Thailand the Golden Glory brand is expanding rapidly. Two more gyms will be opened in the next three months, in Berlin Germany and California USA. For more information about these gyms please visit our website

Story by Bas Boon

Photo’s © FEG
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