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Sell my road bike to buy a Smith Machine???

I train in MMA and mostly BJJ and I bought the road bike to help with endurance. Well, I haven't really used the bike at all since buying it and I spent a lot of money on it. My endurance is fine now and going into the colder winter months the bike will be useless. I can def. benefit from adding strength to my training program and I have some weight equip. but I was thinking if adding a Smith Machine I can do most of the major excercises I will need. That being said I train at the MMA School often and was thinking if adding weights in my basement I can just work on the strength exercises needed most for me. (Bench, Squats, deadlifts, chins etc)

I could also just join the gym near my house which is great but I just don't know if I can swing going to the MMA school and the gym. I then have to rely on their schedule and not necessarily mine and I may get stuck waiting for equip. But, they will def. have a better environment and equip. selection than I will have in my basement.

What are your thoughts? I'm just afraid if I sell my bike come spring time I will want another one and my wife will nix that right off the bast.

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