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I hate the draw for the HW's.
Mo-Aerts is crappy! I don't want my comment to be considered a lack of respect, especially towards Aerts, a legend of this sport, but this fight just doesn't sound right. I could be wrong, maybe it will turn out to be a great fight. (think not!)
Schilt-Kyotaro is even crappier.
Schilt always seems to be favoured by the draw, like Osmium said. He will KO Kyotaro and fight Aerts. I will be rooting for Aerts, and maybe he can beat Schilt again, like in 2008. ingers crossed.
Overeem-Spong - The Reem has just too much power for Spong to handle. Honestly i can't see how Spong could win this. 3 years ago he was fighting at 180-185 and he bulked up pretty nicely. But The Reem will KO him, maybe in the first round.
Ghita-Saki - on paper this is the closest fight to call. Both looked impressive in The Final 16. Saki will look to avenge his teammate's loss. He has better hands, although Ghita beat Zimmerman via punches. Ghita has the best leg kicks in K1 atm imo. He is the "new lumberjack".
If he doesn't over commit with his striking and keeps Saki at distance with his legs, he will take this. He is one of countryman, so i'll be rooting for him NO DOUBT! I hope h goes all the way and wins this! He has a chance.

Regarding K1-Max, i see Sato in the Final with Petrosyan, but ALbert Krauss may cause Petrosyan some problems if he's 100% fit.
And BTW: Where are Buakaw and Souwer?! Are they taking a break from K1 Max?!
I've seen Souwer has started MMA?!! Sub win against Hinata.



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