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Originally Posted by JBAller View Post
I haven't seen one around, I googled it, still cannot find one. So no kickboxing, no muay thai, but the karate place teaches SOME Muay Thai, Karate, Aikido, TKD, and Hapkido so I thought the dojo where I saw that was good.
I took Aikido off and on for 4 years and found some of it useful. It sounds like you might get individual techniques out of this place, and develop a starting base to work from for the future.

Whether its functional or not, I don't know. How much, and what type of contact is involved? What I mean is this.. Is there full contact sparring involved where you hit each other? In ground work/submissions are you tapping each other out in a random fluid environment that would occur in say a wrestling match?

If the answer is no then I would say you are approaching McDojo status. The contact doesn't have to be hard or brutal, but what you learn has to be practiced in a realistic manner to be functional.

Hope this helps.

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