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Chin up test. As many chinups as you can with good form in 3 minutes. I got 26 for a "warrior rating" of 3.

Ultimate Warrior Workout Week 2 Day 1 Upper Body

All Stationary Warmup Drills 1x10 each
All Band Exercises 1x8 eacg

Judo Pushups 10,10
Alternating Grip Pushups 10,10
Towel Neck Isometrics 3x5 secs, high and low
Closed Grip Bench Press 8,8,8@105lbs
Bar Dips 8,8,8@b/w+5lbs
Chin up 8,8,8@b/w+5lbs
Dumbbell Row 8,8@80lbs
Barbell Curl 10,10,10@75lbs

Crunches/decline bench/alternating punches 16,16,16
Hanging alternating pike ups 16,16,16
Hanging double pike ups 16,16,16

More weight on a few things, good workout.
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