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A few of them aren't bad like the top one, third from bottom and the "On Top" repeated one.Third one is good, too, but it only hits a certain demographic (The one that says "I don't care if theres sideboob on this shirtm I'm wearing it in public!") The full front shirts are just way too much for me. I've NEVER liked full print shirts though, I enjoy something clean and more elegant (3rd from bottom is my favorite.)

My Critque, in order of shirt:

1st: Good start, lose the yellow and change "Fighter" to white or change "On Top" to black. Too many colors going on being distracting. Tone the red down a bit, perhaps, as well. Lose teh second, small crossair, it makes your logo look cluttered which is something that should ALWAYS be clean.

2nd: Scrap, honestly. Like I said, not a fan of full prints. The back I like, so maybe keep that, keep the Ankh from her hand and do something else different with the front?

3rd: Like I said, I like this one. The contrast is good (I love shading) but it only hits a certain demographic. Make it so young guys won't be ashamed to wear it in front of families or around their kids or something, yeah? You nail the "College Age Bros" with this shirt but you alienate everyone else... Put a shirt on her and it'll sell more! (Short shirt...)

4th: I actually like this shirt. Having the skull with detail in it is nice instead of just the crap vinyl prints a lot of companies do. What happens, though, is that EVERYTHING is lost in that back ground. Kill the back ground, take it out completely. Keep the skull and the lettering and you're gold.

5th: There's something about this I like, but I can't put my finger on it. Maybe make the bottom right corner a bit grunged to match the top as well to balance it and make it look it's not a full print... delete 2 or 3 lines of the "On Top" and "Fighter" lines to shorten it slightly. Full prints are on t heir way out, man.

6th: Love it. Absolutely love it. Aside from one thing. Make the big logo match the one on the sleeve, color wise. Grey. White just seems too much for such a big logo.

7th: I... I don't know about this one. It just seems unremarkable to me... which isn't a good thing. Too many desaturated tones, make it a bit more vibrant.

8th: Same thing as the gladiator. Kill the background (on the back too!) to shorten it. Take out most of the guy's sweater, too. No the hood, but the chest park. Keep everything else, I love the contrasting colors in it.

Also, Moving to the graphics section so you don't get anymore answers like "HURR DURR THATS BAD"
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