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Originally Posted by Atilak View Post
Can you please tell me what program is that? Seems very usefull. Thank you.

Btw great work. Im reading your log for a long time.
Thanks man! Yeah, I just found it last night. I've used diet tracker's before but this one is super easy and has some really obscure food items in it.


Skipping, combos with partners. Worked on refining the basics. Just step + jab first. Then step jab + slide back foot as you drop into the the 2. Then 1-2-3 with that foot work, then 1-2-3 stepping back with the hook, leg kick. I'm going to do a BIG shift in my focus after this tournament, it's time to get some striking skills back before I have to spar.

Guard pass drills for most of class, take down defense techniques...sprawling and taking the far underhook, using free hand to pick a leg. Plan b is to gable grip their torso, keeping their head pinned with the elbow and sitting on your butt, scooting out opposite their head, then sprawling out.

Hurt my shoulder a bit drilling wrestling. Will probably thursday/friday off to rest for the tournament.
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