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Fighters who like to do steroids...

Let them fight!

Science is fantastic, let's embrace it ...especially if it makes better entertainment for us.

Who cares if they do roids. For every positive there's a negative.

Overeem. He's the Juggernaut bitch! He's ALL upperbody, and i guarantee he'll be like a turtle if you get him on his back. Put someone with good lateral movement and wrestling (ie: Cain V) and it's goodnight moon. The roids will make him hit like a hammer but be heavy on his feet since he's going for weight.

I guess in Dream / K-1 they don't really care about steroids etc. as much. But it's funny, out of all the places in the world, i would have guessed the USA would allow/be more lenient on steroids. I mean look at baseball / football.

So my question is...

Do you care if fighters do steroids?
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