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Originally Posted by ukraineham View Post
cool list

the biggest thing i noticed, and it was pretty much unavoidable, is that established fans understand who guys like fedor, cro cop, nog, wandy, chuck, randy, etc, etc, are, and that makes their fights more important to them

a newer fan wouldn't know those guys, so a fight like fedor/cro cop, which had huge importance to any longtime mma fan, wouldn't mean much to a new fan, especially since the fight itself is merely good, nothing spectacular.

i could name a bunch of fights that could have made the list, but as its already been said a thousand times, the list is only 25 fights long and mma has hundreds of amazing fights. penn/stevenson, couture/ortiz and anderson/hendo do seem like the odd fights out in the list though. none were anything special in my eyes
To be fair part of showing fights to a new fan is also EDUCATING them on the greats as well. If it can be a good/exciting fight WHILE helping them learn about the legends of the sport its called "Killing two birds with one stone."

I'm not interested in creating a bunch of new "fans" who are only interested in the fighters of today, and would have ZERO respect for the guys of yesteryears. Too many of those "fans" already.

Excite and Educate, thats the goal my man.
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