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Wicked, wicked tired.

The past few days I haven't lifted or done much else in terms of working out because I've been doing a lot of work around the house.

Diet during that time wasn't great, but wasn't terrible.

Although, yesterday I worked out with a friend. Did pads, about 20-30 minutes for the each of us, and then we sparred, 3, 3 minute rounds. Was a really good session. No real injuries to speak of, save for reawakening an old hand injury right at the start of sparring. But it is what it is, no helping that. Practiced my body shots on the pads a lot, and got in a few during sparring. Really worked the body I think, combining body punching with kicks to the body, and alternating attack methods well. Things to work on: Use angles when attacking more (I used them a lot, and well, when retreating or defending), keep the hands up in better fashion, don't cross my feet/legs. I only did it a few times, and not when it really mattered, but still, bad habit is bad habit. Commit more. That's about it.

Diet today included my mass builder in the morning, whey after my lifting session, and I don't even remember really what I ate. Bunch of beef and potatos at dinner, I know.

Lifted. Chest/Triceps. Good lord. I'm so tore up now. Flat bench, dumbbell incline bench, military press, dips, overhead extensions, dumbbell bench flys. Did 3 sets of 10 reps on everything except bench flys and dips. Some of my reps dropped on last sets, but in those cases the weights were up. For example, hit 115lbs on the military press. Hit 80lbs on the overhead extension. Dips; my first set I knocked out 12 instead of 10, second set I went way deep, past normal standards for dip depth. Incline dumbbell bench weight is up, I think - having done iirc 45lbs/dumbbell.

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