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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
I just recently switched from DSL to roadrunner. For the first day or two the difference in speed was very noticeable and I was very happy.

But after only a couple of days it seems to have gone to sh*t. One click will be blazing fast, the next so slow it gets timed out or I get different error notices. It's worse than dial up. It's become MORE THAN FRUSTRATING.

I've talked to my service provider and they say it's my computer. But, it's not. I've tried different computers, different operating systems, and tried IE, firefox and chrome on each. They all suck.

Anyone know what the heck is going on? I actually get better performance when I "borrow" my neighbors router and they're on DSL and 200 feet away.
Does it work again after you reboot your router? Did you have Roadrunner check your connection speed coming into your house? Roadrunner is definitely better than DSL, it just seems your having a hardware or connection issue somewhere. Do you see any errors on your router at all? Open up a command prompt on your computer and do a continuous ping on a site like google (ping -t and see what the response time is and see if it fluctuates. The time should be around the low ms. If you need more help, just pm me.
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