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This'll be a short one I think.

Lifting has been as monotonous and almost nonexistant as usual. I hate myself when I'm too lazy to lift, which in turn pisses me off for being one of those self-hating f*cks, which in turn depresses me further, thus guaranteeing no lifting that day. I can't seem to get motivated. Music doesn't do it, visualization doesn't do it, nothing does it, and it annoys the piss out of me!

I worked out with my sparring partner a couple days ago. Did a fair amout of padwork, maybe 30-40 minutes at the max. Afterwards we sparred which was nice. I threw more body kicks and several decently accuate head kicks. What I was most happy about was my boxing. I used to HATE being on the inside, I got caught like a fatty playing tag! But this time I was surprised to see that I wasn't getting hit much at all. I was working my footwork on the outside, using my jab more just as a lazy attention getting movement than anything deliberate or damaging. I used the footwork to get in close where my partner and I traded a fair number of punches in the latter 2 rounds. The first was all bleh. I attribute my not getting tagged nearly as often as before, to my bettering head movement and having an active guard, since my partner wouldn't all of a sudden just not be as accurate as usual anymore. I don't necessarily like the pocket, but I'm happy I'm not a pushover there anymore, since I enjoy the dirty boxing and Thai clinch, and the pocket is the road to that funzone!

On diet. I've worked out my calories per meal for best effect, number of meals/meal replacement protein shakes, and even a few meal ideas. All things working out I'll be able to start implementing this new nutrition plan in the next week or two barring other expendagers and getting my bitchy ass lifting!

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