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E Lit Er Ate
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yea, really, the same Chael who has improved immensely since then and has EARNED his spot in the top 5.

whereas Gayguard is just there cuz ppl think his skills put him there, but he doesnt beat any top guys, hell he barely ever faces top guys.

He lost to unranked Mo who is still unranked, and rightfully so.

When Chael lost to Horn or Sobral, even tho it was along time ago, those guys were ranked and top guys then too.

Gayguard fought Sobral at LHW..... and he isnt ranked either....

but plz, tell me, whats his golden strategy vs Chael?? Cuz if its anything other than ending up on his back, it wont work.

Gayguard couldnt stop Chaels TDs, i would bet my account on that. His wrestling is less than medicore.
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