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Originally Posted by E Lit Er Ate View Post
Overeem just wants a big payday to lose in MMA, losing for chump change like he did in Pride wont pay his bills anymore.

Thats why he wants Fedor, on his terms of course.

Thats why he doesnt want Werdum, he will likely lose (again), and not make much $ in the process.

He gets paid nicely for K1 and i dont think he has a big urge to fight MMA unless the $ is right.

As far as fighting K1.... so what??? Ppl laughed at James Toney bringing up boxing creds for MMA......

but Overeems kickboxing creds mean the world??

hell he isnt even = james toney in terms of accomplishments in kickboxing compared to Toneys in boxing.

i hate ppl bringing up "he ko'd badr hari"...... lol so what?? Was Badr Hari threatening a TD?? Was he gonna clinch him against the cage and take his legs from under him??

James Toney KO'd Evander Holyfield, therefore he is the greatest striker in MMA history!!!

its sad when your biggest MMA accomplishment besides losing to top fighters is KOing somebody in a DIFFERENT SPORT.\

EDIT - let me add, if you want to be the best at MMA, you better train MMA FULL TIME. Cuz thats what these younger guys like Cigano and Cain are doing, full time MMA, every aspect.

Its funny ppl just expect Overeem to take MMA half serious and be the worlds best. There are too many different aspects to train, too many evovling techniques that you must learn and keep up with the trends. Too many high calibre training partners and coaches you need on point, all the time.

Kickboxing (He actually does Muay Thai... they just outlawed him killing people with his knees in k-1 recently) is quite literally twice the sport boxing is. Kickboxers literally have TWICE the weapons of a boxer. Boxer have great hands, kick boxers have great legs to go along with their great hands. This is why "Kickboxing" is becoming more and more synonymous with "Striking" in MMA and Boxing is still called Boxing in MMA.
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