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E Lit Er Ate
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i dont doubt that kickboxing is likely superior in MMA to boxing.

both are not good for MMA striking in itself tho, many adjustments need to be made, starting obv with the stance, k1 and boxing stances dont work in MMA.

Thats just the beginning, almost everything has to be modified for MMA and many defensive techniques used in boxing and kickboxing are totally worthless in MMA.

Which is why i could care less if he KO'd Badr Hari or whoever.

I want to see him KO some good MMA strikers.

I have a feeling he would look good vs Cigano.... til he eats a big punch.

Then we will see Overeem fold the tent as usual. This isnt K1. No time to recover and get up. No big gloves to protect yourself and make the shots not hurt as much....
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