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Question UFC getting dull hurts general MMA?

The UFC as done wonders for MMA. I'm a long time fan.*

After Royce Gracie dominated with ground fighting people learned that was the way to go. Also since most actual street fights do go to the ground (mainly because of fear (not technique) so people want to keep their opponent close because of fear of getting hit) ground fighting is becoming in my opinion too popular.

*I would like to see more hitting then wrestling. I don't find it to thrilling anymore to watch a fight end because someone had their arm pulled on and tap out. I want to see someone hit or thrown to the ground and move on instead of most of the match played out on the ground.

I would like to see more Sanshou (punches, kicks and throws but no grappling) or Sanda (similar to Sanshou but knees included) fighting which use those rules. Or even more WCL (world combat league) fights.

*Is it just me or is the submission and hopes of ground and pound getting boring? **
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