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Ares Caesar
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Dude, someone is going to say it, so I'll just be the first to say it


I mean seriously if you really want standup fights THAT badly, watch K-1 or any other kickboxing organization.

*MIXED MARTIAL ARTS* involves grappling, and always will. In fact I HEAVILY disagree with you that most "street fights end up on the ground" because in a street fight the LAST thing you want to do is end up on the HARD ground. MMA has somewhat forgiving mats/surfaces... unlike the hard tar/concrete surfaces in a true street fight.

Not to mention in a street fight, you NEVER want to go to the ground because you never know how many buddies the guy you're about to armbar has, and while you're RNC'ing the guy his buddies can come up and throw a soccer kick to your head.

Thats why MMA is actually getting to be less and less a representation of true "street fights" because you dont use the ground game that much in a street fight. The "cage" allows for 1 on 1 combat, that rarely ever happens in a "real life fight" because someone always has friends that are going to interrupt the single combat as soon as their buddy is losing.

As for the grappling, again its MIXED MARTIAL ARTS man, I'm a fan of standup, but lets face it grappling is a fairly safe way to fight and a much more methodical way of securing victory. In a standup battle you have a very good chance of being knocked out, even if you're the best standup fighter in the world (Heck, Anderson Silva got rocked by both Chael Sonnen AND Damien Maia).

Sure if you can easily win in a standup battle you take it, but as soon as its clear that the other guy might actually knock you out, you take him to the ground and try to finish the fight there.

The BIGGEST problem with all the grappling now is EVERYONE DOES IT, so its hard to finish submissions or ground and pound your way to victory because EVERYONE practices defending it now.

Sure I'd like to see more fights stay standing, but I realize its part of MMA... all I care about is seeing FINISHES, not DECISIONS. I want guys to FINISH fights, I dont care if its on the ground or standing.
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