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Originally Posted by Litlewolf2 View Post
[LEFT]The WCL IS MMA they just have rules against ground fighting.
UFC and similar have rules as well just not against wrestling. Maybe I should have said what type of "MMA rule set would you prefer"?

As far as street fights go. I didn't say what the fighters would want to do. It is what happens in reality though not so much by choice but by instinct.
Grappling is a martial art and I'm not trying to limit it. I just want to see more stand up MMA boxing, mui thia, Shotokan, taekwondo, Wushu ect pitted against eachother. But not limited to kick boxing.
Just a prefrence. Maybe it is just me. That's why I added the poll. /LEFT]
The reason you dont see more of those "arts" is because they are easily defeated by good grapplers.

UFC 1 was pretty much an exhibition of why grappling vs striking = grappling wins.

Thats also why Dana White and Joe Silva put together matches with guys like Kimbo Slice and Houston Alexander, or Matt Serra vs Chris Lytle, or Akiyama vs Leben or Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin. They TRY to put some of those "slugfest" standup fights together as much as they can, but usually as soon as someone starts getting owned in the standup they take it to the ground.

As for all those "kicking" martial arts... the fact is kicks dont work when grappling is involved. Throw a kick and you risk being slammed on your ass.

I think you just want to watch SINGLE art martial artists fight each other. You dont want to see MIXED martial arts, you want Martial Art "A" vs Martial Art "B"

MMA now is more evolved than ever before and we're seeing what happens when guys come up training in EVERY aspect of fighting. Being one dimensional = easy to defeat.
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