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E Lit Er Ate
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thats because i see plenty of guys near or at the top of the food chain that use boxing and not kickboxing.

i could prob name more ranked guys that box than kickbox.

despite whatever arguement you wanna make, the proof is in the pudding.

look at HW for instance.

Brock (boxing)
Werdum (boxing)
Nog (Boxing)
Mir (Boxing)
JDS (Boxing)
Overeem (Kickboxing)
Velasquez (Kickboxing)
BigFoot (Boxing)
Barnett (Boxing)
Duffee (Boxing)
Nelson (Boxing)
Rothwell (boxing)

etc etc etc, arguement holds no weight when you cant prove its true.

Pro boxers are much more technical then k1 guys btw with footwork, headmovement and combos imo, i still love kickboxers, my fav fighter kick boxes and ppl sleep on how good he is getting.

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