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This is all such a crock. Truth is, Fedor is square in the middle of the pack among the HW's. Has nothing to do with his age, or slowing down, or anything like that. He's just been overtaken by a division that is improving rapidly. Someone will retort, "but he only has one loss!!!!" Considering he's been ducking the best competition for about 5 years, and still managed to lose to a UFC reject, (and almost lose to a tire salesman) puts it in better perspective. Win loss ratios don't man squat if you're not fighting the best.

Fedor and his management know that Overeem is closer to the front of the pack and very likely to beat him, or worse, embarrass him. They could have fought him if they wanted to. I wouldn't doubt it if this is all a game on their part to duck while appearing not to.

Frankly, I'd rather see Overeem and Werdum in the UFC than Fedor. I don't think Fedor has any desire to take on the young lions there. He going to look for one easy win and then retire - in shame.
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