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Welcome to the free world!

Our motto is " in a world without walls and fences, we need no WINDOWS or GATES.

Here's a place to start on terminal commands. But I haven't opened a terminal in a long time. Don't really have to anymore thanks to ubuntu.

here's another

I described it to a commercial fisherman friend of mine who was thinking of switching like this:

If computers were fish. Microsoft says "we'll sell you all the fish you want but, you can only fry them in our grease and you can only eat them with our special sauce.

Linux says " here's a free hook and a string. when you catch some fish we have some free cook books."

He stuck with windoz

My biggest gripe is gimp. It can do anything photoshop can do and more, ...if you can figure out how.

I really thought there would be more young geeks on here that were in to it.

I started my kids on qimo(linux for kids)/xp dual boot(with a made for kids desktop called hoopah) at a very young age. When my five year olds kindergarten had computer day my baby asked the teacher " what operating system are we using? and can we bring our own apps?

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