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"When I was belt holder at the time, I challenged Fedor when I was in Japan for the first time just when news came out he signed with Strikeforce. I was able to fight Fedor but he choose Brett Rogers."

"After that fight I challenged him again and then all the discussion came; Vadim telling he wanted a special drug testing and calling me a steroid bully and I wasn’t a worthy opponent for Fedor and all those things. The good thing is that M-1 is making so many contradictions that they look like fools, it’s crazy; calling me a steroid bully but express the desire to fight Josh Barnett or how about this, saying I’m not a worthy opponent but choose Brett Rogers as first opponent."

"Then they made the decision to fight Werdum over me so I could fight Brett Rogers instead."

"My fight was first and I won the fight, then I flew to the States to challenge the winner Werdum vs Fedor. I was hoping Fedor would win (I’m still a big fan) the fight but Werdum did, so as I promised I challenged Werdum. Then Werdum and Fedor where saying that they rather have a rematch with each other. Unfortunately Werdum had a surgery on his elbow so he was out. M-1 was still saying that Fedor would rather fight Werdum because the fans want that fight the most, there we have another lie again. If you look at all the internet polls you could clearly see that the fans wanted Fedor vs me. Even on their own international website you could see that! They quickly put down the poll when I said it in the media"

"Then to make things more crazy; Fedor challenged me!! The first time in history Fedor ever challenged somebody, but sorry I was already committed with the K-1 and I know that M-1 knew that I had said yes to K-1."

"Then I came up with the perfect solution; Fedor fighting Antonio Silva and then me versus Werdum and the winner of both fights will fight each other…Unfortunately M-1 didn’t want to fight Antonio Silva….. The soap continues…"


Atleast Overeem's a realist and tells how it is, and people don't need to defend him, it's all about Fedor's image and preservation of his record. Fedor just challenged him and said he was scared, prior to his K-1 tourney commitment.

I seriously doubt that happens again. He's never going to fight him. He doesn't want to fight the best, he's not a guy that wants to prove he's the best, no desire to be a champion. He should just retire as a guy that used to fight the best in Pride and win 5 years ago. MMA has evolved, he didn't. He and his team are a disgrace to the sport. Trying and successfully protecting his demagogue status and image to his legions of fans.

If MMA were a mainstream sport, this is where he'd be:,00.html
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