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Originally Posted by E Lit Er Ate View Post
if u seriously think Fedor is scared, you are pathetic.

no offense, but thats the biggest nonsense i have ever heard.

im sure you have many dealings with underworld criminals in Russia, im sure you would just tell them, hey F you imma do what i want, cuz im Fedor!! RAWR!!!

either way, Fedor is not afraid of anybody, that much is obvious to even the most ignorant observer. Whats the worst that could happen, he will lose???

did you see how he acted when he lost?? he didnt even care.
I don't think you understand. This has nothing to do with physical harm. I'd never fighter overeem on the street, but I'd get in the cage with him for a couple mil, so long as there's a ref there to pull him off before i die. But I have no kind of reputation to lose. Fedor is not scared of getting hurt, he's scared of getting beat. He trying to protect his record and legacy. Same thing is going on with Mayweather in boxing. But these guys don't realize it doesn't work like that anymore and fans see right through it. Fedor doesn't want to expose himself to the top tier for fear of being embarrassed and becoming irrelevant. I have no doubt that Fedor fears no one in regard to physical harm. It's his pride he can't bare to put in harms way. And no doubt his fans are suffering from the same dilemma.
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