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E Lit Er Ate
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he just faced the top tier of BJJ in MMA HW division IMO

what did he do to "protect his legacy"??? he jumped into the most dangerous guard in the division like it was nothing??

im not buying what you are selling. Overeem has fought lesser guys than Fedor in the last 5 years yet you are saying he is the man.

Overeem is not the man and will be exposed as a medicore HW once he faces a guy like Fedor.

Ppl say he should stop ducking Overeem and fighting cans like Werdum???

Tell me then, what happened when Overeem fought Werdum???

im guessing by the way you are talking, Overeem EASILY smashed that can, right???

oh, wait......

Fedor needs to stop ducking Overeem in favor of guys who are better and have beaten Overeem??

you know, guys who tap Overeem out in the 2nd round via Kimura??

Where was his unstoppable kickboxing vs Werdum??? who has less standup than Fedor..... why didnt he just easily bash him up in the 1st round like you are all making it sound like he does to everybody??

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