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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
This has to be the only song I've listened to on Youtube where the text design/animation in the video is better than the actaul song itself.

Text starts at 50 sec.

i love me some Disturbed! and they from Chicago, so one night i got to be part of Danny Donegan's entourage leaving a concert protecting his pregnant fiance.... i felt very important and got to push people..... was awesome hehe

Originally Posted by guy incognito View Post
Watching THE WIRE. just started season 3 and i am right into it. one of the best shows i have seen.

great characters
great character development.
real payoff from story lines
doesn't spend episodes building things up, only for it to die in the ass completely and immediately.
**cough** sopranoes **cough**
The Wire is awesome!!! im on season 5, and love it! Marlo is a badass mother****er!!!! i loved his court appearance! lol

but for me... im funk as druck.... i ran outta beer, so i finished off some beefeater gin, then an airplane sized vodka... and now.... sadly... im drinking Cutty Sark n orange pop...... tastes like asshole, but its gettin me drunk......

Made by DP

R.I.P. Evan Tanner, you will be missed....

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