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Will finish this up and score the final round before the night is out, just going to grab some food before I complete the final round, but from what I have seen so far Diaz was more than good for his win, I have not watch the fight yet in real time (sad I know) but its not on live here in the UK and I could not hold out long enough to wait for the download to not find out the result and read up all about it, by which time after reading all the comments about a bad decision all I really wanted to know was it all true was KJ robbed.

TBH after watching 4 round and knowing that this does go to the judges, no way was Diaz not good for his win, no matter what is about to happen in this final round short of a Finish Noons is a beaten man, unless by some miracle he can pull a 10-8 round and earn him self a draw but I seriously double thats how this is going to play out.

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