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Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
The thing is how do you score it?

For me every third punch or even every other punch from KJ was with seriously bad intentions.

Power Punches who have only one goal, to hurt your opponent!

All Diaz did was to hang out his Jab and keep KJ away from him. He wasn't willing to end this anytime before the bell rings.

Plus I guess, to stop a Takedown means actually ZERO in MMA. If so thats very sad, cause KJ contolled the entire fight, where this fight takes place. He stuffed Diaz 0-4 on Takedowns.

As a whole I still score this fight for Noons!
I watch the fight then every time a incident happens that I feel has an impact on the score I pause it and then record the incident, sometimes even replay it if I feel unsure if or not it landed until I am sure it counts, then move on to the next part.

Defence of a TD does count for something, there is a lot of judges discretion in scoring in terms of how high you value a certain action or incident, its not like its not like football where if you score it counts for 1 and that is that, judges are there to give there personal verdict not apply a precise science.

as for the heavy shots most of them missed, in fact Diaz has landed the most powerful shots for the last 2 rounds (rounds 3 and 4), Noons has not been an image of what he was in the second, a shot what dont land dont count for shit, every fighter intends to win a fight but when you don't land that intent dont win you the fight, Diaz has without question fought a smarter fight and has been successful at keeping Noons out of his range and right fully deserves to be 39-37 ahead after 4 rounds, only way Noons even comes close to been even with Diaz at this point is if you give him the 1st and thats is a long stretch to deny Diaz the 1at even more so since he is the defending champ.

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