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Originally Posted by Sicilian_Esq View Post
I gave it Rounds 2,4 and 5 to Noons.
It was a close fight, so I can see that Diaz took it.

BTW, could the announce team be any more biased? Silent during Noons runs, practically climaxing during Diaz runs.
That was really pissing me off. I never really noticed how much I enjoyed Rogan and Goldberg until I had to listen to Quiet McSilency, and Screaming F-ing Luncatic McDouche. Also, I thought the commentary and screaming fans was far too loud compared to the in cage audio.

Originally Posted by _RIVAL_ View Post
Because he's not afraid to take 2 just to give 1 is a thug mentality? Nah, he knows hes has a strong chin. And I don't see too many UFC WWs knocking him out in a striking match.
Chuck Liddell once thought as you do. We all saw how that worked out in the end...sadly... Except he had 10X Diaz's KO power, he only NEEDED one. Diaz needs forty seven thousand to get a UD.

Also, I forgo to quote, sorry, but the bit about the reality being he'd beat most UFC WWs and be a top fiver is kinda laughable. He's not even close to a top fiver.

Is a little more realistic IMO.

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