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Originally Posted by _RIVAL_ View Post
Wow, Hardy, Kampmann, MacDonald, Condit..

Who in gods name has Rory Macdonald defeated?

Dan Hardy... the guy who's supposed to be a marksman with his hands has had 5 UFC fights and only won 1 by knockout. He's won 3 by decision and lost 1. Hardy is one of the most gassed up overrated fighters in the WW rankings.

He's beaten who? Marcus Davis? Mike Swick? Gimme a break and I won't be surprised to see Carlos bust his hype bubble.

Martain Kampmann would get outboxed against Diaz plain and simple. Diaz has the reach and his output would fluster and eventually stop Kampmann. Martains little 1-2 kick would be horribly inaffective against a striker of Nick Diaz calibur.

Nick won't fight Jake.

Now Carlos Condit? That's a different story, I think Condit is one of the dark horses in the WW division. He can crack the top 5. He's very skilled and a fight with Nick and Carlos would be fire works.

Bottem line... Nick Diaz would still be a top 5er in the UFCs WW division. He's proven himself alot more than half the guys you named.
MacDonald IMO has all the natural skills to beat Diaz. Its just a matter of application.

As far as I have seen from watching both of the Diaz brothers, their style of boxing rely's very heavily on the ranging jab. When you take away the usual reach advantage they have against their opponent's. I.e. Dan Hardy (74in) vs Diaz (74in) a lot of the usual advantage goes away. And in my opinion, Hardy is a good combination of pressure fighter and technical fighter. (Also, he has a Shaolin Kung Fu background which gives him an intangible leg up for me!)

Kampmann has very technical with his striking, and has the grappling skills to keep Diaz standing. I think a skilled technical kickboxer would give Diaz a lot of trouble that someone like Noons, who's style is almost exclusively boxing w/ leg kicks doesn't have.

Whether they'd fight or not has absolutely nothing to do with their rankings. If they did, Shields would secure the takedown and dominate with far superior wrestling.

I totally agree with Condit being a dark horse. He's so underrated it blows my mind (which is why he's higher up on my list than Hardy). I have him beating Hardy, and continue to kick myself for only putting 20K on him to win.

Actual bottom line: Diaz being even close to top 5 is very debateable, and something of a stretch.

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