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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
Sad but true. One of teachers I had in high school told me a story once of how his big brother was getting bullied by some kids in the neighborhood my teach being five back then one day just grabbed a 2x4 and walked over to the kid and smacked him across the face with it which koed him and walked off. Said his brother never got picked on agin.

Once humiliated they stop as u said.

I had the exact same experience. Except my f***** up, sadistic, older half brother never forgave me for it.

He was the weird kid that everyone his age picked on, he came home and took it out on me. For years I lived in constant fear of him with good reason. I was terrified when my parents would leave and put him in charge. I got all of my bullying and torment at home. One day I had enough. I was 13 he was 19. My parents were out of town, he was asleep and I knew what to expect when he woke. So I woke him up by spraying bug spray in his eyes and beat him with a baseball bat. I beat him through the house, through the yard and broke the windows out of his car as he drove away. He drove himself to the hospital and never came back home to live. I wish I had done it years sooner. He's in prison somewhere today and I sincerely hope I never see him again.

By the time I got to high school I was pre-bullied. There was nobody there as scary as the guy I already made scream like a girl.

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