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Frank Mir has a definite future in broadcasting with the UFC. Some of the stuff he says to hype a fight is beyond stupid, but when he's talking normally, dissecting an issue or breaking down a fight he comes across as incredibly intelligent and speaks fantastically about the sport. He has an excellent voice for commentary too. There are guys like Chuck Liddell who clearly know what they're talking about when it comes to MMA, but I wouldn't want to hear him doing commentary, as his voice just wouldn't work. Frank is very eloquent and I enjoy listening to him speak about the sport. Passion for a subject mixed with eloquence is an excellent combination.

As for Alex Caceres. He's one of the most irritating people to ever step into the TUF house. His smile, his voice, the things he says, the arrogance, the fact he calls himself Bruce Leeroy and the fact he's not actually that good a fighter to back up all his shit talking makes for an incredibly irritating package. He makes Josh Koscheck look likeable. Can't stand him. Looking forward to the time when he eventually gets the shit kicked out of him. Is there any chance that his next opponent on TUF gets injured and they draft Anderson Silva or Brock Lesnar in for the fight? Fingers crossed.

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