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I think I have a good story for this thread, happened to me last year.

So it starts right after my ex breaks up with me, and her best friend breaks up with this guy named Eric. the whole little high school clique we had going splits up, 3 guys (including eric) go with her, everyone else stays with me.

So, a couple weeks later, I start dating my ex's best friend (who I'm currently still with, today makes 9 months together), and this just royally pisses off my ex and her buddies, so now and again I hear them talking shit about me, whatever. Petty stuff. It really got to my girlfriend though, the four of them used to be her best friends and now they bullied her and all sorts of bullshit.

It gets bad one night when we're at some after school thing, and Eric walks up to my girlfriend and starts talking to her, acting like her friend and all that shit.

Now something you should know, my girlfriend has a stomach condition that makes her stomach really sensitive, and if you poke it, push it too hard or anything its excruciating to her.

So back to that night, that kid eric is talking to her and idk what they were talking about, but he pretty much walks up to her and jabs her in the stomach, and she's doubled over in pain. He then sees me and kinda gets his ass out of dodge. I was so f***ing pissed I wanted to drive to that kids house and royally mess up his face, but my girlfriend was begging me not to and all that other stuff, so we went home.

The next day, I'm with a bunch of my bros and my girlfriend and I see this kid, my ex and his friend walking by, and I just couldn't resist but I just start shouting at him, calling him all sorts of stuff like *****, bitch, you know the drill. They walk by me and my friends a couple times and dont do anything, but eric gives me the finger a couple times. Tough guy, right?

So as they're walking by a third time, one of my friends stands in the doorway as they're trying to leave (not really blocking them, but slowing them down) and i walk up to him talking shit and pushing him, and he pushes me back. Thats when I just let it all out and threw the dirtiest hook I've ever thrown in my entire life, hitting this kid square on the jaw and he kinda stumbles backwards, drops his hands with these big tears in his eyes.

Right as I'm about to hit him again, a teacher walks in, and takes both of us to the principal. While we're sitting there talking to him, eric is having a hard time holding back tears, which I'm silently enjoying. 5 minutes later, I'm out of the office with a 4 day out of school suspension. On my way out, I see my ex and her posse, and she gives me a nasty look, so I just smile and walk to my girlfriend and we take off.

This guy, from what I hear, had a big welt on his face from where I hit him, and had his mom come to the school make a big fuss about it and he still ended up with 1 day in-school suspension.

Now, he's the one getting shit from kids all around the school for crying like a bitch, and him and his buddies are seriously intimidated whenever I'm within like 10 feet of them.

End of story, hope you enjoyed :P btw, sorry if it's laced with profanity, I get really excited when i tell this story lol
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