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Lmao Even Fedor Hates His Fans

Fedor said “When I left the arena that night I understood the whole situation. I said to myself that my opponent (Werdum) will avoid me as long as possible (smiling). When the rematch will happen, I don’t know. For now he apparently had an operation on his hand. He will delay the rematch as long as possible.”

But he was quick to point out that he didn’t begrudge the loss. In a series of revealing comments, he suggested that his sometimes too-devoted fan base actually makes him feel uncomfortable. Humility is not an act for the former PRIDE champion.

“I understand [the loss], this is sport, this is life and I was prepared for it. But its another matter to wonder if the people around me and the people who watch my fights were prepared! They saw me with a halo,” he mused.

“For me it is simply regrettable, hurtful and unpleasant seeing how people obsess. I am not superman and I am not unbeatable. I am an ordinary human with my own flaws. It is very painful and unpleasant for me when people tell me ‘Feda (affectionate version of Fyodor), we supported you! We waited up all night, got drunk. When it finally came on we raised our spirits, got drunk some more and cheered and yelled across the neighbourhood.’

“This is so uncomfortable for me that to be honest in those moments I just want to leave.”

Fedor outlined his approach to fighting, intimating that he sees it as a pursuit relating to honor rather than any gain in material benefit or social standing.

“Sport can be approached many different ways. One man competes for his country, another competes to become known, to attain fame and special treatment. One competes without dwelling on the money or glory he receives, another competes only to raise his profile or his popularity with the ladies,” he explained.

“A person should carry himself in a cultured manner. To simply be an entertainer… for what purpose, to be recognised in the street? I don’t see the point of that. Its like, I get a lot of offers to be in television programmes but I decline because the topics are devoid of meaning, simply fluff.”

God this guy is a joke, he complains about werdum ducking him, when he does the same thing to overeem.

******waits for the homo-erotic fedor fans to make excuses for him*******

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