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Originally Posted by smokelaw1 View Post
You know, that pissed me off more than just about anything I've ever seen onthat show. Forget GSP for a second. A fighter just lost a hard-fought battle. He broke his hand, and did something to his leg. I know it's also a team competition, but there is a fighter in there who just lost a HUGE fight, career-wise, and you're so friggen petty and childish that you'll gloat and bang on the wall because your team is now 1-3 instead of 0-4?

I've never liked Koscheck as a person OR a fighter, but now I want to see him SUFFER, not just lose. I was hoping he was going to talk shit to the scary drunk french Thai-monster and get his face splattered against the wall.
Aye, that was pretty bad. And it doesn't look as though it gets much better, if next week's preview is any indication. To think that Team GSP won its first three fights without so much as a peep shows how classless certain people on Koscheck's team, as well as Koscheck himself, can be. Fret not, however, for all wrongs will be righted in the end.
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