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I dont see whats so hard to read between the lines in Fedor's comments here;

1) He knew getting a rematch with Werdum wasnt going to be easy because after beating the "fan/sportswriter claimed best fighter of all time" NO fighter was going to just offer a quick rematch, simply because its more to lose than gain. If Fedor beats Werdum in a rematch, everyone will simply say "Well Werdum got lucky the 1st time anyway" and *IF* by some chance he actually does beat Fedor again, everyone will just say "A) its not in the UFC, and B) Fedor was never really that good anyway" --- So in regards to Werdum, he has more to gain by holding onto that 1 win over Fedor than a possible loss+win to Fedor. I dont think he's saying he's "ducking" him, he just knows that from Werdum's (or ANYONE who would've beaten him) point of view he has more to lose in a rematch than gain.

2) Fedor isnt saying he HATES loyal fans. LOYAL Fans are INTELLIGENT fans, who dont go around saying "OMG FEDOR IZ LIKE THE BEZT OF ALL TIME U SHOULD ALL WORSHIP HIM! HE IS GOD!" --- Fedor is a humble guy who knows he could have lost in previous fights (Fujita), and knows that if he fought in the UFC, he might lose a fight (not because anyone is necessarily better, but hey its MMA its easy to get KO'ed or subbed if you make a single mistake... ask GSP). He just doesnt like the fans who are "fanatical." He just wants his fans to be realistic and accept that he is human just like anyone else and he COULD lose again. He is not invincible, and he knows it, and the sooner his "fanatical fans" accept it, the happier he will be.

3) Fedor fights more for his own personal "honor" and "contentment" than anything else. Sure he likes the fact it provides for his family, and it helps bring pride to his home country, but he doesnt fight for fans love/worship, or fame. He just wants to see if he can test himself and beat the best of the best. As a person who appreciates competition, I KNOW the desire to test myself.... I dont care about being famous in the process, I just want to test myself, see what I am made of, and just how far I can go. MMA is a great test to Fedor, he knows its the ultimate test of his fighting skills, and he enjoys that aspect of the competition... its part of why he doesnt give tons of interviews, lives in a relatively humble home in a small town in Russia, and doesnt come out to the ring with some sort of massive "Look at me! I'm the best!" entrance. Hell, after his fights his managers are usually more jacked up than he is. He just wants to fight and see what he is made of.

4) Ducking Overeem? I dont think so. Thats 1) His managements decision. He trusts Vadim WAY too much. 2) I am absolutely positive the goal was to clear out strikeforce's main 3 (Rogers, Werdum, Overeem) and then move to the UFC as the strikeforce champ for LOADS of cash (again I think management related). He isnt ducking anyone, hell Overeem himself has said that he doesnt believe Fedor ducks anyone, as have other top HW fighters. They ALL believe his management is corrupt (which I even believe to a degree... I think they're just grubby money whores, trying hard to protect their cash cow), and that they alone are what stands between themselves and a fight with Fedor.

A couple years ago, I would have EASILY said Fedor was the best HW fighter in the world, but I never doubted he could lose one day. Now, given the rise of guys like Werdum(Best HW BJJ/Grappler in MMA), Shane Carwin (heaviest hitter, he could beat anyone in 10 fights. He might lose 9, but I assure you he'll win 1 of 10), Brock Lesnar (dude is just an animal that has a chance against anyone because of his size), Cain (he's the best "hybrid" between Skill and Physical ability), and JDS (Amazing HW striker) there is a talent pool at the top of the HW division that honestly ANY of these guys COULD lose to each other.

Fedor is still easily a top 5 HW, where exactly in the mix its hard to say, but so many guys HAVENT fought each other and even the guys that HAVE fought, havent necessarily done so convincingly enough that you can be assured of the same result in a rematch.

Fedor is still one of the best in the world, but he shouldnt be seen as totally invincible or unbeatable... and he doesnt like being seen that way, because even he knows he can be beat.
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