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Mon 10-11: out of town
Tue: 40 min stepmill. I showed up for the 10:30 MMA class, but the teacher was sick.
Wed: All standup drills. There were several rounds of live standup, rotating in a group of three, that was awesome.
Thur: Judo. We warmed up with uchikomi, threw in a line (ie one person throws everyone in turns and then the next person steps up to be tori), and then did no-gi throws from strikes. It was one of the first times I've ever done any striking in judo. I mostly practiced ippon seioi nage, uki goshi, o goshi and koshi guruma for no-gi. Seioi nage and tae otoshi do not lend themselves as well to no-gi as other techniques, IMO.
Fri: rested
Sat: Judo, a lot of randori and butsu gari gaiko.
Sun: rested

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