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Originally Posted by badmofo16 View Post
Exactly my point. And it got you to take your time typing, albeit a lazy response at best. Not that you could ever lock wits with a well spoken bard like me. You discuss the latest episode, wasting time on irrelevant blather about a 33 year old mma fighter as if his conduct should mimic that of a seasoned corporate CEO. Total waste of time, in my opinion. I personally hope that Koscheck does the right thing and grows up just for 5 rounds worth and presses the action with precision strikes that get GSP to be what he started out as, a technically sound striker with well rounded skills that actually goes after a finish. These decisions are ridiculous and the judges are all in the tank as though they are Don King puppets like the boxing judges of the 80's and 90's. I mean, really? Check Kongo won even one round the other night? GSP has been boring and lame since his second title defense. I'm not a huge fan of Kos, but at least he'd try and finish it if he had the belt.
I don't think anyone is demanding Koscheck change his behaviour as such, they're just voicing their disapproval. This sub-forum is to talk about the Ultimate Fighter, which is usually a unique, although not comprehensive, look into a fighter's character that usually isn't available in a fight.

If you want to voice your displeasure about GSP's fighting style, join one of hundreds of threads that talk about it already, or do what every other troll does and create a topic that thinly disguises itself as something else until about the 3rd sentence.

Personally, I'm pretty cool with what Koscheck does, even if I don't think its funny in itself, but the banging on the wall stuff left a pretty bad taste in my mouth.

No, these guys aren't CEOs or anything, but they are supposed to be coaches of young or up and coming fighters. Being a coach presumes a certain amount of maturity and respectability. Can you imagine a coach in any other sport doing what Koscheck did?
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