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Even if people stop watching the sport or even if it were banned to 'exposed' as being dangerous, people will still fight and still want to watch and take part in it.
I believe knowing your limits is important. I suffered a big concussion when a group of thugs jumped me and kicked me head when i was down. So im very aware of that and know that every concussion i receive from now on in will have an additive effect and build up to more damage over time.
The body and brain can take a certain amount. The trick is to know when you have had enough.
But then it comes down to promoters. The pressure to keep fighting.
I also completely disagree with continuing to strike your opponent when he is down. Even if you get a hunch he is knocked out STOP there is no need for continued punishment. That also takes part on the ref who should also stop the fight. But the ref can only move so fast.
IMO even kicking a downed opponent is wrong and should never have been allowed into ANY promotion. How is that martial arts? How is that sport? its just plain brutality!

Its almost as if I like to be tapped out! lol
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