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I'm alive but have been slacking a bit, too much time spent on working and girls, not enough spent sleeping and training.


Taught ladies kickboxing class. Jumped in on the kick sheilds, pad work, and ab circuit.


Ultimate Warrior Workout Week 2 Day 3 Lower Body Workout

All Stationary Warmup Drills 1x10
All Muscle Activation Exercises 1x8

Sprawl Deadlifts 8,8,8,8 @ 145lbs
Dumbbell Clean and Front Squat 8,8,8,8 @ 50lbs each
Dumbbell Side Lunch 8,8,8 @ 60lbs
Ab Circuit
Sprinter Situp 3x16
Bicycles 3x16
Knee Grab Row 3x10

Did 3 rounds on the heavybag as well.


2 rounds shadowboxing, 5 rounds on the heavybag. There's some guy at the gym training these two kids to fight all the time when I go into the weights gym. I'm not sure they entirely know what they're doing, but they seem to be working pretty hard on it. He asked me to spar with them on Sunday, but I had to work and then go see family. I'll start bringing sparring gear to the gym though for next time.

Sunday + Monday
Lazy and sick. The caffeine has taken it's toll, the lack of sleep lately has caught up with me, and I feel a bit burnt out. As expected, I've picked up some kind of illness in my underslept and overworked state. I seem to have normal cold symptoms plus whenever I breath deeply I get a sharp pain in my chest. We'll see just how bad it is when I train tomorrow.

Good news on the move. Me and my friend went out to Langley today. Not only did we get our jobs out there, we also found the perfect place to rent. Moving November first. The only downside is I took a slight paycut at the restaurant, and will have to work night shifts before I can get a day job. This will be okay, my friend's doing much better on his knee injury and we're anticipating spending alot of time on our own doing pad work. A month with a lot of pad work and a lot of sparring and I'll be in fight shape.
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