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Feeling much better today. No caffeine for 2 days and 8+ hours of sleep each day.

Skipping, drilled comobos. Step slide 2 + 3 as you pivot. Then we did leading with the back foot sideways while you throw the 3, then a 2 and lead leg kick to the body. Also did clinch work and an escape. One hand wraps behind the head and pulls while the other dips under the elbow. I found that this lits their arm in a way that makes it very easy to step into a standing arm triangle. Probably can`t finish from a stand, but it's and easy trip or slam to the ground to finish. In MMA we worked the Glover sweep. Hook under the near knee, instead of taking the far underhook, the hand is braced against their shoulder as you lift the leg and get into deep half guard. Once under them, the arm hooked around the leg switches to their other leg, coming around and gripping at their knee cap, cradle the leg and work with their resistance to spin around on top. My first time working with 'deep half guard'. Kind of confusing but I was picking it up a bit. Then we drilled from half guard. I did really well, getting a variety of sweeps and a knee bar, then a variety of passes and a knee bar on top. Good day.

Someone snaked the place we were going to rent so we're going back out tomorrow to look for a new one. Damnit.

Conditioning tomorrow and then training in either Langley or Chilliwack, depending on where I am when the time comes.
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