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If The Ufc Was Highschool

stole this from sherdog because i think it's a good game.


Nate diaz:The skinny dreg kid who is always fighting with the jocks and misses classes because his brother,a drop out, always comes at lunch time and takes him to smoke drugs.

Brock: The uber jock who everyone sucks up to.

Akiyama: The quiet Asian guy, who is always being hit on by the hot white chicks to the confusion of other students.

Greg jackson: Special ed teacher

GSP: The guy who everyone suspects is gay.

Chael Sonnen: Class clown

Rogan: cool,funny, laidback teacher who frequently shows up to class stoned and can occasionally be found behind the shed smoking weed with the diaz bros, but eventually loses his job because jon jones snitches on him.

now post your own.

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