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Nate Marquardt- The guy who wears his Letterman's jacket to school every single day.

Quinton Jackson- The token black guy who is a class clown and white kids like to hang around so they can tell their friends from other schools that they have a black friend. Hangs out with one white kid in particular and spends his afternoons at said white kids house playing xbox.

Dan Hardy- The guy who thinks mohawks are cool who stands in the corner wearing Misfits t shirts smoking cigarettes who no one likes to **** with because they know he will truck them with his skateboard.

Kenny Florian- The smart soccer player who hangs around the cool kids wearing polos with popped collars and who everyone asks "how did HE become popular?"

Jon Jones- The black guy at school who doesn't dress nor act like other black guys, and is thus shunned by both other blacks (for being an Uncle Tom) and whites (white people only want REAL black friends: see above)

Team Stand Alone #1
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