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Originally Posted by xbrokenshieldx View Post
Mirko CroCop- The school security guard who intimidates all students. No one has ever witnessed his smile...

Dana White- The Vice Principal in charge of disciplining students. He has a reputation for blowing things out of proportion and expelling students for relatively minor events. Moreover, he constantly bans clothes and music that he considers "dangerous" to the academic environment leading many students to consider him a Nazi.
HAHAH, the Dana one is awesome!

Josh Koscheck - That Loudmouth Jock that EVERYONE hates, even the other Jocks. Except Cole Miller, they hang out a lot.

Jon Fitch - The guy that works really hard, gets all As and is the top of the wrestling team and even won STATE last year! The only thing is, no one gives a shit about wrestling at this high school, so very few people even notice him.

Paul Daley - The kid that was here for a week, lost his shit and tried to punch Koscheck's face off for being so annoying. He was expelled, but everyone thinks it's bullshit.

Fedor - The Quarterback for the rival schools team. His team is undefeated since he started his freshman year until last week, when they were blown out by the school ranked 2 spots below this one.

Dan Henderson - The guy that was the shit at his last school. He was the popular guy. Then his parents made him move. Now no one cares, so he just left. Now he's one of the popular kids at another school... or at least he was until we heard news from the new transfer student, Jake Shields, who apparently beat his ass on the first day for asking him where the bathroom was.

EDIT: SWP, Frank is also known for Trolling on teachers. He constantly gets into arguments with them about how they're just blatantly wrong and he's usually right.

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