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Alves - Fat unpopular kid who worked at Dairy Queen. Got a summer internship at a pharmacy and came back RIPPED. Used to be best friends with Karo.

Karo - Oft suspended for violating school's dress code(showing up in a gi). Beloved by the English department as a gifted pupil with a flair for essay-writing and haiku(always about judo). Had a falling-out with Alves after convincing him to steal drugs from the pharmacy. Developed a drug problem and dropped out.

Gonzaga - Good-natured kid who decided to wax his chest hair for a school charity auction. Wound up screaming hysterically(a la Steve Carrell in Forty Year-Old Virgin). Was never the same again.

Florian - Nerd who would have been a constant target were he not the crown jewel of the school's cross-country team. Picked on for being goofy-looking. Picked on even more after being credited in a film as "15 year-old Ben Stiller".

Rashad - Talented athlete who was relatively soft-spoken and maintained a high grad point average. Annoyed other jocks by always insisting they let his friend "Keith" tag along. Accused of being homosexual, particularly by arch-rival Quinton.

Lil Nog - Good friend to many. Capitalized on the popularity of his brother. Constantly giggled at by popular girls who mistook his nickname for a genital reference.

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