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Good got the last round, and not sure which other on that one judges card, but Askren takes the title:

Lyman Good vs. Ben Askren - Round 1 - Askren shoots and Good avoids briefly but Ben keeps driving and gets the takedown. Good striking off his back very well. Askren trying to pass and Good still doing very well off his back. Askren still looking to pass and Good does a great job of avoiding the pass and still landing punches off his back. Now Askren gets to half guard, Good regaining full guard. Good tries to stand and Askren almost gets mount so Good rolls him and he's on top. Askren looks for an armbar and they're back to the feet. Good opened a cut but Askren with a throw and he's now in half guard. Askren into mount now and now he's looking to lock an arm triangle. Good manages to roll to top position now. Tremendous, tremendous round 1. 10-9 Askren, if he hadn't advanced to mount I'd have given it to Good.

Round 2 - Askren shoots and Good sprawls out well. Askren keeps looking for it but Good avoids. Left hand lands by Lyman and Askren gets the takedown. Good with an upkick. Askren passes to side control now. Now Ben gets to full mount. Ben with an elbow. Askren still on top looking to work but Good is doing a decent job of avoiding much damage. Askren with a warning for fingers in the eye. Good still firing punches off even when mounted but Askren is starting to get through with some more strikes now. The round ends and that one was clear 10-9 Askren.

Round 3 - Good tries to throw a kick and Askren tacehes it and gets the takedown. Good regains guard. Askren back to mount now. Askren just kind of pecking waway with punches from the top but now he postures up and starts landing some punches and elbows. Good keeps throwing hammerfists upward but they're not going to do anything from bottom. Askren looks for the arm triangle and Good is fine. The crowd boos and it is a little disappointing that Askren was in mount for 2 full rounds without getting a finish. 10-9 Askren.

Round 4 - Good lands a solid punch and a hard kick to the body. Now the biggest punch of the fight lands for Good and Askren gets the takedown. Side control now. Good said that he can't see out of his left eye in the corner. Askren to mount again. Askren keeps grinding away. The ref with a stand-up from the mount, that's HORRIBLE reffing. Uppercut from Good. Askren is tiring here. Askren shoots again and Good avoids to get on top. Askren manages to finish the takedown into side control. Askren doing work from the top again as the round ends. 10-9 Askren.

Round 5 - Good with a jab. Another jab lands. Left hook by Good. Askren shoots and can't get the takedown. Hard jab now by Good. Askren eating a lot of jabs now. Good sprawls beautifully but Askren just drives through and gets the takedown. Good landing hammerfists from the bottom. Huge upkick lands for Good and Askren drops like a rock! He might be out! As Askren moves Good locks up a triangle and almost has the fight finished but Ben escapes. The bell rings with Ben on top in mount, I'd score the round 10-9 Good but Askren will take a clear decision.

Official Scorecards: 49-46, 48-47, 50-45 all for Ben Askren. Ben Askren wins by unanimous decision.

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