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Road to the Win.

Background: I'm 17 in highschool, 6'2 at 140-143 pounds. Up until this year I had no idea how to weightlift or train what so ever. I'm a detail oriented person if thats what you would call it, I need details to do something I cant just have a genral idea or directions 1 time,(which sucks.) And also like alot of people I use to give up on something if I didnt see a reward fast enough,(counter productiveness.)
Over the summer my friend started pushing me and trying to wrestle and the only thing I knew was the guillotine head lock, I didnt even know how to use it to choke lol. Well I started to get into grappling and wrestling so I started watching ufc when the summer started and kind of learning the moves that way.
After school started I went to the neighborhood gym for a week and then ditched that to do wrestling conditioning. The conditioning kicked my ass, the conditioning coach got us to run a mile or so then brought us into the room and made us do every single drill that he had, which consisted of rolling and jump squats and other shit I wasnt really fit enough for lol.
I probably told myself during the drills I was gonna quit after that day 10-20 times, then after we were done some guy I knew told me good job and I told myself it was for the best and would improve my game.

My ultimate goal is to be able to defend myself against anyone and attain alot more knowledge on various martial arts.

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